Should you volunteer?

Our state and local public health agencies do not have sufficient personnel to screen large numbers of people for radiologic contamination in response to a radiological or nuclear incident.  Your participation as a professional volunteer in the State of Connecticut Radiation Professional Volunteer Program (CT-RPVP) will greatly enhance Connecticut’s capacity to screen potentially contaminated individuals after a radiological or nuclear emergency.  To help you decide if volunteering in the CT-RPVP is right for you, please take a moment to consider the following:

Do you usually?
• Function well under someone else’s direction and control
• Readily adapt to unfamiliar work place surroundings and new protocols
• Tolerate uncertainty and ambiguous roles and rules
• Establish and maintain structure and routine in a chaotic environment
• Tolerate highly stressful situations while remaining focused on the task at hand
• Communicate effectively with others who are under stress and not “at their best”
• Work well with others in a cooperative spirit
• Tolerate noisy work settings
• Remain calm in a crisis
• Readily access well developed internal coping skills
• Find personal/professional fulfillment in doing volunteer work that occurs under    extraordinary circumstances

Can you answer “yes” to the following?
• I feel adequately prepared for the role I might play in relationship to my:
    o Professional knowledge base and experience
    o Understanding what my role is likely to be during a disaster
    o Physical and emotional health status
• I understand emergency response workers are at elevated risk by virtue of their role
• I have considered the potential adverse medical and psychological consequences of volunteering
• I have discussed this decision with loved ones and reached agreement regarding conditions under which I will accept deployment as a volunteer and personal risks I am willing to take
• I have my family’s emergency response plan in place

If you answered yes to many of the questions, the State of Connecticut could use your expertise during an emergency.

Be the response!
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